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A renown Polish artist, composer and performer of the hit song “Clockmaster of Light” (“Zegarmistrz Światła”) has written a song titled “Mamela” about his son Filip, who has Down syndrome. The word “Mamela” is how Filip called his Mom when he was a few years old. We have used this funny and wonderful nickname as the title of our competition contest, which has been opened in order to support and include the people with disabilities in our everyday life. 

We wholeheartedly invite parents, families, schools, kids and teenagers from Poland and Europe to participate in our artistic, educational and entertaining project. We strongly believe that future generations will create a better, more diverse world. A world that is more friendly for everyone.

For the young artists and students of film schools we have created a special category in the competition. Join our initiative – create your own version of the “Mamela” song and send it to us!

Not everybody among us is fully independent…

Whilst  the world is increasingly divisive and exclusive, we are doing our best to oppose this. Each and every action supporting empathy and openness to others gives us hope for change. It makes us better people.

The main goal of our project  is to encourage cooperation in order to help the people with different disabilities live a full life.

Creating “Mamela”…

The “Mamela” project has been organized by the “Grab the Bull By the Horns” Foundation and inspired by Tadeusz Woźniak and his son, Filip Aleksander Woźniak. 

For many years our Foundation has focused on helping children with disabilities, mainly those affected by autism and Down syndrome, and their parents, by means of therapy and hippotherapy. 

Our big supporter  is The Art of Inclusion Association, located in Stanisław Moniuszko Elementary School in Łajski, which helped us produce the videoclip to the “Mamela” song.

HI, I am Filip!

Filip, the main hero of our videoclip is an exceptional young man, who inspired his parents and the “Grab the Bull by the Horns” Foundation to start this project. He loves music, his bass guitar and he has even performed with his parents on stage. He has been horse-riding for years. He is a full-time employee of the Foundation working at the stables, feeding  horses and cleaning their stalls. He is also a very cheerful human being and a much beloved son. 


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