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Get to know the amazing stories of including people with disabilities, from the country and abroad. Get inspired and join the project!

Filip and other people with dysfunctions work at the “Grab The Bull By The Horns” Foundation. This spring, a coffee place is going to open where people with Down syndrome and other disabilities will work as full-time employees.

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Emilia Kochańska
from Gdynia

She has Down syndrome and works at the Musical Theatre. She signed her first full-time employment contract there. She checks the tickets, points people to their seats and answers the audience’s questions.

Father Czesław ( Kuba ) Markiewicz

Father Czesław ( Kuba ) Markiewicz is running the B. Jański Bury Miś Foundation in Nowy Klincz (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship), where a small village-colony of 52 people with different disabilities live and work together. They all have chosen this place to stay after their parents passed away or  did not have the possibility to take care of them anymore, because of their deteriorating health.

Noelia Garrella

At 31, she became the first kindergarten teacher  with Down syndrome. She teaches in a public kindergarten in Argentina, where she was born. She loves her work and small kids, and they love her back. Noelia is the first person with Down syndrome who gained a master’s degree. 

The Shalva Band

It is a musical band performing punk music. They have performed as a guest artist in the second semi-final European Eurovision Competition. They brought the audience to tears with their performance. Three of the musicians have Down syndrome, one has been diagnosed with autism.