About the Competition

The „Mamela” initiative opens a competition to create your own version of the “Mamela” videoclip.

Join the project! We encourage everyone to take part in the competition and share its rules among your friends. The more people are in, the better!

How to participate?

Watch the video, download materials and create your own version of “Mamela!” Choose the category you want to participate in: 


You can make your own video clip using the existing soundtrack.


You can record your own version of the song, using our lyrics, and add it to our video clip.

You can also combine various functions:

  1. Write the lyrics in English or your native language
  2. Record your version of the song
  3. Film and edit a new video to the existing soundtrack
  4. Film and edit a new video to your version of the song, with the lyrics in the existing language versions or in your native language
  5. You can also form creative, intergenerational or even international teams

Thus, you have many opportunities to take part in the competition – whichever artistic field suits you best.

There’ll be created a new version of “Mamela” – your version! 

You do not need to have advanced music skills or multimedia skills to participate! This competition is open to everyone, so you can even record your clip using your smartphone! The viewers will choose their favourite entries in an open voting through the social media tools.

For the participants who  are students and young movie creators, we have created a special, advanced (professional) category. It is meant for the participants who study at film and art schools.  

The winners in the non-professional categories will be chosen by open voting.

The winners in the professional category will be chosen by the Jury.

To participate, send your application before 30.10.2020 using the application form. The Jury, comprised of the representatives for the Film School in Warsaw, members of the Foundation, and Studio Kros will choose and announce the winners in different categories by December 15 th. 2020.


The best interpretation of "Mamela"

The best "Mamela" animation

The best script

The best videoclip for "Mamela" (vocals, script and images)

The “Mamela for all” Prize – for the creator chosen in an online voting.

The winners chosen by the Jury and online voting will receive the following prizes:

The invitation to take part in selected moviemaking workshops:


– The camera operator workshop

– The workshop of film editing – 5 days, including board and lodgings

– The animation workshop, including board and lodgings

More about The Warsaw Film School


The winner of the best “Mamela” videoclip category can choose between:


A 3-day stay in a selected dr. Irena Eris SPA (Krynica Zdrój, Wzgórza Dylewskie, Polanica Zdrój) for two people.

More about Spa Dr. Irena Eris

Prowincja stable; 5 horse riding lessons with an instructor, including board, lodgings and transport from Warsaw.

More about The “Prowincja stable” 


Information about the prizes

All the participants of the workshops will receive certificates of participation, signed by the speakers – celebrity movie makers.

The certificates of the receiving of the prize (prizes).

The organizers reserve the right for the Jury to give additional prizes.

The organizers may award their own, separate prize.


For the winners, the organizers provide: lodgings, local transport and 3 meals a day. We invite the winners to come with one companion.

The participants pay for their journey to Warsaw themselves.    



A friendlier world – the workshop for the Winners

All the prize winners will be able to take part in the Warsaw-based workshop about Emphatic Communication (in the spirit of NVC – Nonviolent Communication), led by Ewa Tyralik, a trainer and mentor of the School for Coaches of the Empathy-based Communication, the book author and the speaker of many personal development conferences and workshops. Thanks to empathy, our world becomes a friendlier place.  


The Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony gala will take place in January 2021 at the “Elektronik” cinema in Warsaw. A charity concert  by Tadeusz Woźniak & the band will take place during the gala. The money gathered from the concert will be donated to the “Grab The Bull By The Horns” Foundation and The Art of Inclusion Association, in order to subsidize physiotherapy and education.