The “Mamela” Initiative

The aim of the “Mamela” Initiative is to create friendly environment that fosters the anti-exclusion actions. Creating art does contribute to the non-stereotypical approach to “otherness”.

In addition, taking part in exclusion-related art projects (or sometimes – working together with the excluded themselves) helps to see the problem better. We are able to understand the excluded ones only when we accept their being different.

The art of Inclusion Association

Why do we target our initiative at schools? It is so, as schools play the main role in creating the inclusive society. School environment gives young people the chance to get to know, support and respect one another.

Inclusive education has been known to be the most efficient way to educate people with disabilities. Including them into normal, everyday life of the society as soon as possible is helpful and beneficial not only for them, but for all of us.

Inclusive education is a key aspect of preparing children with disabilities from their very early years to participating in daily life.
It teaches respect, acceptance and prepares young people to live in an inclusive society.

Diversity is becoming a norm. Scientific research conducted by Centre for Educational Development in 2012 confirms that children with disabilities receiving education from inclusive education schools get better results; it has positive influence on their families, too.

“According to Salamanca Declaration, Unesco  1994: “Children of special educational needs are entitled to the access to normal schools, that are required to enlist them, as educating children is a priority. Schools open to inclusive education are the best way of fighting against discrimination, creating friendly communities and building an open society.” 

Students from one of the schools that implemented the inclusive education programme say: “Students with and without disabilities can learn from each other and exchange knowledge”. “It is good for us and for them. It is important to see the advantages for each of us in class”. And also: “Inclusive education makes kids from public schools more tolerant and open- minded”.

Our “Mamela” Competition gives you the chance to learn about many inclusivity stories, e.g. about the Bury Miś Foundation’s initiative.


Take the first step, watch our videoclip, download the materials and join the project – and create your own “Mamela”!

“Grab The Bull By The Horns” Foundation

Our staff is comprised of trained therapists and voluntaries experienced with working with children with autism and other disabilities. 

Our Foundation is based in equestrian centre “Stajnia Prowincja” in Łomianki near Warsaw. We are a community of experienced and enthusiastic therapists, fans of horse-riding, as well as of their children and families. Our main activity is hippotherapy. Filip Alexander is one our employees.